Earlier this month one of our old boys Kai Henning attended a Real Madrid training camp in Melbourne and was selected to attend further training sessions in Madrid with the club in October ! Kai – Huge congrats for this remarkable achievement and on behalf of the club, all the very best of luck as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life ! (Send us some selfies with Ronaldo :))

On the last day of the training camp, he was the only player who was asked to say a few words at the certificate ceremony where he mentioned that he would not be at this level of football if it weren’t for his coach Adriaan back in South Africa and wanted to thank AD for having faith in him and teaching him how to play the game.

Of course the legend ‘Mr. Virginia’ (AD) is still with the club busy preparing the next wave of Real Madrid youngsters in the under 10’s – AD, I’m sure you were as overjoyed at this heartfelt message from Kai as we all were – Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for this wonderful club !