On Tuesday evening our under 7’s played a catch up game with Juventus that they missed on Sunday. It was a tough game between two great rivals and the boys definitely put on a spectacle for all the parents who came down to support. But it’s what happened after the game that makes this all worthwhile… Parents and boys from both clubs got together – Moms cracked open the wine and dads shared a few beers… The boys from both sides, including all their brothers and sisters, had a kick around.

It’s so awesome to see the comradery between these two great clubs and the little friendships that have been built between the boys regardless of whether they are wearing blue and white or black and white ! We love playing Juventus because they share the same values as we do and play the game in the right spirit – Fiercely competative on the field – these boys (and parents actually !) play with an unrivaled passion when they put that jersey on, but that combatitive spirit during the game does not distract from our core principles of ensuring these boys have fun and that sportmanship is more more important than the result.

Thanks to everyone who was there on Tuesday evening, we definitely need to do more of those !